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Metro TED is a group of experienced real estate development professionals who have come together with a common goal:  Assist others in the entitlement and approval process to ensure their development vision transforms to reality.


With backgrounds in engineering, finance, and the natural environment and careers that have taken us through the oil fields of Texas, high tech in Northern California, land development, home building, and project management we have the know-how and energy to fight for your project every step of the way.


Our 30-plus years of combined experience in metropolitan Tucson and countless projects of varying size and shape will serve as an advantage when we get in the ring for you

Lisa Bowers


M: 520-990-6866

Large or small every project developed in Tucson and the surrounding communities has TED and Lisa Bowers eliminating the obstacles and acting as the liaison for and between the design team and the reviewing agencies. After working for Pima County Development Services Lisa watched the customer struggle to navigate through the ever changing review process known as Permitting and vowed to change the industry. She acquired a small company struggling to maintain a client base in permitting and turned the business around into now maintaining hundreds of clients and still growing fifteen years later. Lisa has become known as a powerhouse between her clients and the many various municipal officials making sure to know everything they know including all adopted Building Codes, Ordinances and Design requirements so the shovel can hit the dirt. Many have tried to emulate Lisa’s business model and all have failed.

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